Tuition Fee and Other Expenses 

The entrance examination fee, admission fee, and tuition fee are as follows. 

The university provides private-expense students with partial exemption from tuition fees.  This financial support is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with outstanding academic achievement who have extreme difficulty in payment of tuition fees due to financial reasons.

                                                                                                    (as  of  2014)

  Entrance Exam. Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee
Undergraduate ¥17,000  ¥282,000  ¥535,800 (per year)
Graduate  ¥30,000  ¥282,000  ¥535,800 (per year)
Research Students  ¥9,800  ¥84,600  ¥29,700 (per month)
Auditors  ¥9,800  ¥28,200  ¥14,800 (per credit)