Admission to Undergraduate Programs by taking the EJU [Pre-Arrival Admissions]

  The Pre-Arrival Admission system gives applicants outside of Japan opportunities to secure admission to undergraduate programs of our university without going to Japan to take a university entrance examination.  This system is applied to the following departments and admission can be given by taking the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students [EJU] {held in June and November by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)}.      

  ○Faculty of Engineering: Mechanical Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture      

Master’s and Doctoral Programs offered in English【Special Graduate Programs for International Students】

  The Graduate School of Engineering and Science offers the Special Graduate Programs for international students, in which all course lectures and research instructions are given in English.      

  Engineering Course <Asia-Pacific Engineering Design Program>      

    The purpose of this program is to educate graduate students who come from mainly Asian and Pacific developing countries to make practical engineers who can think by themselves and solve actual problems in their countries.      

   [Master’s Program]       

Courses Mechanical Systems Engineering, Civil Engi-neering and Architecture,Electrical and Elec-tronics Engineering, Information Engineering


   [Doctoral Program]   

Courses Material, Structural and Energy Engineering,Interdisciplinary Intelligent Systems Engineer-ing


Science Course <Okinawa International Marine Science Program>    

This program is dedicated to promote a high quality education in subtropical marine sciences for internatonal students. This program covers biological, environmental, physical, chemical and mathematical sciences.  

   [Master’s Program]  

Courses Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science


   [Doctoral Program]  

Courses Marine and Environmental Sciences

Experience Japanese Language and Culture

  Japanese Language courses are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, and students can take courses according to their language ability. Students can also study the history and culture of Japan and Okinawa by taking Japanese culture courses. In addition to admission as undergraduate or graduate students, international students can obtain admission as auditors (non-degree students) and take Japanese language and culture courses.    

    ○Japanese Language Programs    

Admission Requirements and Application Procedures for International Students

Foreign applicants (who are not of Japanese nationality) desiring enrollment in the University of the Ryukyus may apply for admission as: 1) undergraduate students, 2) graduate students, 3) research students, or 4) auditors.    

 1. International Student Admission to Undergraduate Programs      

 2. International Student Admission to Graduate Programs    

 3. Research Students (Kenkyuu-sei)    

 4. Auditors (Kamokutou-Rishuusei)