Tohoku district -off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake


  As reported in TV and newspapers, massive earthquakes with the magnitude of 9.0 and tsunami 
waves have struck Tohoku District (Northeastern Japan), Kanto District (Tokyo and neighboring 
area) and Shinetsu (Nagano and Niigata Prefectures) District and caused devastating human and 
physical damages. 
More aftershocks are predicted in those districts.  Please pay constant attention to earthquake 
warnings and further disaster information. 

  – For information regarding the earthquakes, please refer to the following website: 
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
      (in Japanes) 
      (in English) 

2. If you are planning a trip to eastern Japan; 
  –Give your itinerary and contact information (cell phone number, the accommodation information
    and so on) to your academic advisor and the office in your faculty.
 -Closely watch earthquake information and conduct all your activities giving safety first priority.

Resources: Disaster message services and boards  
The disaster message service is a message board or voice message which will operate
in times of disaster such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions.   
    -Disaster message service (voice message):  dial # 171
    -Disaster message board: cell phone companies provide the service
    -Broadband Disaster message board: web171


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 University of the Ryukyus